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Our competition team has returned from the U.S. Open Taekwondo Hanmadang National Tournament in Colorado Springs! We had a great time and did very well.

The results are:
Jerry Dean: Gold/ Creative combo breaking
Silver(2)  Dynamic Archery/ High Jump Front Kick
Ella Donohue: Gold(2)/ Speed Spin Hook/Creative Combo Break
Silver/ Team Traditional Poomsae
Kameron Eidenshink: Gold/ High Jump Front Kick
Silver/ Creative Combo Break
Mr. Greathouse: Gold(3) Speed Spin Hook/ Creative Combo Break/ Back Kick Power Break (Tournament Record for Men-11 boards)
Emily Rice: Gold(2) Speed Spin Hook/High Jump Front Kick
Silver(3) Creative Combo/ Team Traditional Poomsae/ Back Kick Power Break
Devin Shende: Gold/ Speed Spin Hook
Silver/ Team Traditional Poomsae
Bronze/ Creative Combo Break
Ravi Shende: Gold/ Creative Combo Break
Silver/ Team Traditional Poomsae
Bronze/ High Jump Front Kick

We had a GREAT time and everyone did really well. All of you upperbelts should start thinking about JOINING US NEXT YEAR. The leadership of the U.S. Open International Taekwondo Hanmadang have announced that 44 divisions from this year’s tournament will be receiving SCHOLARSHIP $$$ for winning their division. Next year, they plan on having access to upwards of $300,000 to award for Gold Medal Winners to apply towards scholarships.

This National Hanmadang has transformed into an INTERNATIONAL Hanmadang! Team China, Indonesia, S. Korea, Canada, Hawaii (not International but still far away! :)), and 4 or 5 other countries were present and competing this year.

Also, our Oregon State Hanmadang has been given the go ahead to develop into a Northwest Regional Taekwondo Hanmadang. That is a huge amount of support from National for our event and it reflects the energy and effort we all put in to making our first tournament the best it could be.

The Oregon State Taekwondo Hanmadang was incredible!
Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting the event.
Save the date for next year: May 3 & 4.

Remember, there are some awesome photos from the Hanmadang available for download!

Photos by Jay Davis are available here:

Photos by Lorri Eidenschink Broaddus are available here:

Podium photos by Conrad Rice are available here:

HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR TOP SPONSORS! Please click on the images for full view.


2018 Asian Celebration

Some highlights from the 33rd Annual Oregon Asian Celebration Feb. 17 – 18, 2018.
Photos by Lorri Eidenschink Broaddus.

NW Martial Arts Championship

44th Annual NW Martial Arts Championship with Grandmaster Hung Choi in Portland. The board breaking machine was a huge hit!




Having a blast in class.

Master Cameron – Northwest Ninja Park

Master Cameron, who set the World Record for Women’s Back Kick Power Break at 11 boards recently opened the Northwest Ninja Park in Springfield, Oregon. We wish her luck and success. and


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L’il Dragons TKD

L’il Dragons TKD/movement/fun class for little kids (ages 4 to 6 with parents) is doing great and we have room this spring for new students. Please tell anyone you think may be interested in this class. Thursdays @ 3:15pm – 4pm.

Check out the MooDo Academy Facebook Page for all the photos and videos!