What an incredible show we had at The Asian Celebration! Thank you everyone who participated and watched. To catch all the action head over to our Facebook page.The Korea trip was a success! We had a great time celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Jidokwan (one of the 5 main TKD schools that make up modern TKD).

We have gotten involved in new tournaments and created some new opportunities and added new classes this year. This will be our 5th year at the U.S.Open Taekwondo Hanmadang in Colorado Springs. It looks like we will have 8 participants making the journey to Colorado for this National Competition. Special thanks to GM Ron Suggs for introducing us to this great event. Thanks also go to GM Doug Fueschel and GM Sang Lee for organizing a top quality tournament. To see our students taking chances and getting involved at the state and national levels is really awesome, and this year we will be going even further as Ms. Cameron and Ms. Ehlers plan to compete on the world stage in Korea at the World Hanmadang Taekwondo festival and at the World Breaking Championships in Orlando, Florida in July. If you haven’t checked out their website it is womenspowerbreaking.com

L’il Dragons TKD/movement/fun class for little kids (ages 2.5 to 6 with parents) is doing great and we still have room for new students. Please tell anyone you think may be interested in this class. Thursdays @ 3:15pm – 4pm.


Check out the Moo Do Academy Facebook Page for all the photos and videos!