Moo Do Taekwondo in Colorado Springs at the 2016 Hangmadang.

Moo Do Taekwondo in Colorado Springs at the 2016 Hangmadang.

The first of our summer competitions is complete! We had our biggest group (nine competitors) yet at the U.S. Open Taekwondo Hanmadang Festival in Colorado Springs, CO, and everyone did really well! At a big competition like this, there are many competitors in some of the divisions; especially the teen advanced color belt and Black Belt categories.

Mr. Jesse Donohue: Power Side Kick, Creative Board Break: Gold, Gold
Ms. Jackie Elhers: Power Back Kick, Creative Board Break, Speed Spin Hook, High Jump Front Kick: Gold, Gold, Gold, Silver
Mr. Devin Shende: Creative Board Break, Speed Spin Hook, Creative Team Poomse: Silver, Silver, Silver
Mr. Ravi Shende: Creative Board Break, Creative Team Poomse: Bronze, Silver
Emily Rice: Creative Board Break, Speed Spin Hook Kick, Power Back Kick, High Jump Front Kick: Gold, Gold, Silver, Silver
Ella Donohue: Speed Spin Hook Kick, Creative Board Break: Bronze, Bronze
Haylee Anne Ramsey~Code: Speed Spin Hook Kick, Traditional Poomse, Creative Poomse, Creative Board Break: Gold, Gold, Bronze, Bronze.

Master Cameron, who set the World Record for Women’s Back Kick Power Break at 11 boards last year, was the keynote speaker at this year’s event. Master Cameron inspired a lot of both kids and adults to raise their expectations about power breaking. Master Cameron and Ms. Ehlers (2nd Dan), have a website:
Check out their site for updates regarding the inclusion of Women’s power breaking in the World Taekwondo Hanmadang in Korea in August! A primer: Women’s Foot Power Breaking will be included at this years world event for the FIRST TIME due to their efforts! Read more in Master Cameron’s Blog.

More to come NEXT WEEK at the ISKA/WBA World Breaking Championships in Orlando Florida. Since there are no Women’s Divisions in Concrete Foot Power Breaking, Master Cameron and Ms. Jackie Ehlers will be competing against the MEN in the lightweight division! Stay Tuned!!

L’il Dragons TKD/movement/fun class for little kids (ages 2.5 to 6 with parents) is doing great and we still have room for new students. Please tell anyone you think may be interested in this class. Thursdays @ 3:15pm – 4pm.


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