The 2014 Annual Moo Do Taekwondo Break-a-thon will be held on Saturday, August 16th noon-4pm at the Oakway Center Courtyard.
This year we are raising funds to support the Healthy Bees, Healthy Gardens program led by local beekeepers Jen and Doug Hornaday. Jen and Doug have innovated the Honeybee Friend Pledge and Host-A-Hive Mentor-ship Programs in neighborhoods throughout Eugene and the surrounding area. These programs guarantee non-toxic spaces in which they place beehives and honey cultivation sites throughout the city. They also collect and sell the honey that is created through the program.
Jen and Doug offer educational tours for kids and groups and schools at their home to promote awareness of the dangers of pesticides and the importance of maintaining our pollinator populations

This has been a big year for honey bees in the media! The dangers of Neonicotinoid pesticides have been proven. The Eugene City Council has officially declared Eugene Public Parks to be free of these dangerous pesticides. On the other hand, these pesticides are still available in our local stores for private use.

We are accepting private and corporate donations to support the cause of educating the public about the importance of eliminating these Neonicotinoid pesticides. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Our honey bees and other pollinators are the most important link in our food supply. Please visit www.healthybeeshealthygardens.com for more information.

Come watch us earn our sponsored donations by demonstrating the awesome kicks and strikes of Taekwondo! Great entertainment, great cause…support local non profits!

About Moo Do TKD

We are a community of friends and martial artists. Our training reflects our intention to live strong and positive lives and to help each other to do the same. In this spirit, we challenge each other and ourselves to work toward personal excellence without being combative in our practice. Achieving a strong, flexible and healthy body is the beginning of the important journey of gaining a mastery of your life. Mental strength is the reward for training the body. Strong body and mind give confidence and higher expectations in life. The benefits of training in the martial arts goes much deeper then self-defense and fighting. If you would like to try a week of classes, please call 541.345.4132.

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